Michelle Williams

Born in 1980, Michelle Williams is currently one of Hollywood's up and coming actresses. She first appeared in "Dawson's Creek" in 1998 playing the bad girl Jen Lindley who's presence changed everything for those around her...not all for the best. She appeared in the comedy "Dick" which was a parody of The Watergate Scandal along with Kirsten Dunst as well as "Prozac Nation" with Christina Ricci. Since then Michelle has worked her way into the world of independent films such as "The Baxter", "Imaginary Heroes, and "The Station Agent." But her real success happened in 2005 when she starred in Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" as Alma Beers Del Mar. A woman who realizes her husband is in love with another man. The talent she showed in "Brokeback Mountain" landed her an Academy Award Nomiation for Best Supporting Actress. Not only that, she met her future husband Heath Ledger on the set and they married afterward and had a baby girl named Matilda.

Source: IMDB