Arielle Kebbel

The young actress Arielle Kebbel was born on February 19, 1985, and has already starred in the films "Aquamarine," "American Pie Band Camp" and "Soul Plane" in her short career. She also was in the movies "The Kid and I" and "Reeker."The fair-haired, fresh-faced and photogenic Arielle Kebbel lived the dream of many an American teenage girl by traveling the direct, one-shot path from obscurity to an instantly flourishing career. Just after high school, this former victor of teen beauty pageants (and Hollywood hopeful) hit the road with her mom, and undertook a cross-country journey in the family car from the Kebbels' hometown of Winter Park, Florida straight to southern California. In no time at all (reportedly less than one week) Kebbel auditioned for a recurring guest role on the WB's series comedy drama The Gilmore Girls - and was hired immediately by series producers, thus realizing instantly her dreams of becoming a respected Tinseltown actress.

Source: StarPulse