Born and raised in New London, Connecticut, Cassie and her brother grew up with music. Her father plays the trumpet, mom is a pianist, and with their encouragement Cassie started singing (her first idol? Mariah Carey) and taking dance classes. "My parentsí philosophy is do what makes you happy, pursue what you love," says Cassie. By fifth grade, it was plain that Cassie's happiness came from performing on stage. Her theatrical debut wasnít auspicious. She was a dwarf ("I canít remember which one!" she giggles) in her private schoolís production of "Snow White." "Being on stage I got that rush. I just loved it." An artistic opportunity came when Cassie hit 16. Through an industry friend she was introduced to prolific producer Rockwilder (Method Man, Redman, Pink). With her folks in tow, Cassie went to the producerís studio. "We had a great talk. It was my first taste of the music industry and although nothing came of, it gave me inspiration. Soon after that I started taking voice lessons because I knew that singing was something that was important to me."

Source: StarPulse