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(http://) Anna Hathaway- Anne Hathaway Fan
(http://) Ashley Tisdale - Ashley Tisdale Fan
(http://) Cameron Diaz - Cami, un drôle d'ange
(http://) Cate Blanchett - CateBlanchett
(http://) Claire Danes - Claire Danes Fan
(http://) Claire Danes - Unofficial Claire Danes Pages
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(http://) Jennifer Garner - Absolutely Jen
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(http://) Katie Holmes - Kaieholmes.COM
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(http://) Michelle Pfeiffer - The Face
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(http://) Scarlett Johansson - ScarlettOnline
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(http://) Tiffani Thiessen - Rave
(http://) Winona Ryder - Winona Online
(http://) Zooey Deschanel - Zooey Deschanel Network

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(http://) Ben Barnes - Ben Barnes Fan
(http://) Brad Pitt - Simply Brad
(http://) David Tennant - David Tennant Fan
(http://) Hayden Christensen - Desiring Hayden
(http://) Jared Padalecki -
(http://) Jensen Ackles - Desiring Jensen
(http://) Johnny Depp - Johnny France
(http://) Josh Hartnett - Lucky Number Josh
(http://) Michael Fassbender - Michael Fassbender Online
(http://) Ryan Gosling - Ryan Gosling Online
(http://) Ryan Phillippe - Amazing Ryan

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(http://) Celine Dion - Celinerific
(http://) David Archuleta -
(http://) Hilary Duff - Hilary Web
(http://) Josh Groban -
(http://) Katy Perry - About Katy
(http://) Mandy Moore - MooreCentral
(http://) Miriam - Stylish Miriam

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(http://) DayDreaming
(http://) Insanely Pretty
(http://) Long Ago Captures
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(http://) Photogenic Designs

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(http://) Desperate Housewives - DH-Central
(http://) Laguna Beach - Laguna Beach Online