About Sweet and Talented

I've received a lot of email and message about this subject : why I don't put men pictures on this site and why only femeles pictures?. You going to know now.

Little Bit of History -

I've choose to made this site when i've started to make blend. It was really hard to find good pictures for making blend and most of the site I've visited was'nt free and didn't have a lot of photoshoot. So, in the year of 2000, i've started the website with a few galleries with my favorites actress: Christina Ricci, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, etc. With the time, the site became bigger, and I always maintenance this site alone, I never have a coweb.

I have this website for 6 years now. I've started like everyone with a free host : free.fr. After, a friend told me she could host me on her personnal server so I was with Jacqueline on her personnal site Moonwalk. After I've got the change my host to Oh-Bother. And during 3 years (2003-2006) I was hosted on Fan-sites.org. With Fan-sites.org I've got a lot of popularity. And in 11 June 2006, I've got my own personnal server.

Why Only Female? -

It's a personnal choice.I have nothing againt men, I love them =p But It's hard to find photoshoot of men. I'ts easier to find new photoshoot of women than men. And a lot of photo website have all celebritie photo: Men, Women, Model, Musician and I choose to have only have female. So it's for these reasons I choose to make this picture archive on female

In the Future ? -

I've started to make a new section on the site : Movie pictures. Maybe later, I will make a Men gallery but for the moment, I'm concentrated on the female celebrities pictures.

Questions? -

If you have any question, you just have to contact me and I will answer you =p.